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sm g■ate" incident, ○the U.S. has remain●ed silent over evide〓nce allegi●ng its illegal◆ practices ○of cyber atta〓cks and the〓fts.For the purpose■ of gaining compet◆itive advanta●ges, the United St〓ates, judging〓 others using its o○wn standards, has re●sorted to s●mear tactics again■st other co■untries' enterpri○ses without pr○oviding convincing◆ evidence, he s●aid."The conclusio○ns of Europe's scr〓utiny have ○proven Huawei○ innoce

nt, a■nd showed t●he U.S. su〓ppression aga〓inst other cou●ntries' enterp●rises with● state power i〓s unjustified," Lu a●dded.Please scan ■the QR Cod●e to follow us on○ InstagramPl○ease scan th〓e QR Code to ○follow us ○on

e Foreign 〓Ministry spokesp

:◆ The following ar●ticle is t●aken from the■ Chinese-lang○uage "Commentaries o●n International ◆Affairs"On T●hursday, the U.S○. Department of● Commerce, withou●t any valid evide〓nce, put Ch●inese technolog●y firm Huaw●ei and its 70 affil●iates on an “●Entity List,&rdqu◆o; which prohib○ited Huawei fr●om purchas◆ing components◆ or technologies f〓rom U.S. com■panies. Suc◆h a move was■ clearly aimed at ■obstructing th〓e development of Chi◆na’s high-te〓ch sector by s○trangling Hu●awei and secur〓ing America&rsqu●o;s hegemo○ny in the ○global sci-tech se■ctor.However,■ what surprised● Washington i〓s that Huawe●i immediately announ●ced plans to use b●ackup chips it ●had been independe●ntly developing f●or years to ensur●e strategic secur〓ity and a steady〓 supply chain of● most of its p◆roducts. This re○presents

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a〓 fantastic f■ight back against ●the ‘strang●ling’ mo●ves made by the〓 U.S. side 〓and is than●ks to Huawei&rsq◆uo;s spirit of ■hard work and i●nnovation, alo●ng with the company&○rsquo;s farsigh○tedness and vigila○nce against potenti○al dangers in ●times of peace.A○s the world&rsqu■o;s largest telecom-●equipment ma■nufacturer, after ●more than 20 years ◆of development ◆across the globe, ●Huawei&rsq●uo;s service◆s and products ar○e being used● in 170 coun■tries, serv●ing over one-third〓 of the world&rsquo●;s populati〓on. However, ○its developmen◆t path in the ◆U.S. has been roug■h and rugged. Many ◆of its acquisiti●on projects were o○bstructed, and● the company ◆was also probed ○for posing s〓o-called “nat●ional

securi〓ty risks.&○rdquo; The doo■r for Huawei ◆to join

person Lu Kang〓 made the 〓

the◆ internet infrast〓ructure con○struction in th◆e U.S. with local■ operators has rema◆ined firmly s●hut.The U.S. has be○en anxious about ●the fact tha■t Huawei tops〓 the global■ list of pate■nt applications in ●5G network con●struction and ha●s declared ●that “the ra◆ce to 5G is a rac◆e that America m■ust win”.○ Although the U.S. s○ide has claim○ed that it ○wants to win thr●ough competition ●instead of blocki○ng out advanced tec〓hnologies, its de●eds do not matc■h its words. Th○e U.S. has been ●using the concept of〓 “nati○onal security&◆rdquo; as ■a tool to pro○mote trade pro〓tectionism, and has ■taken vario〓us measures, includi■ng political kidnap●ping, to curb Huawei○’s access to 5●G network constructi●

on across the○ world.However〓, its latest mov◆es not on

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